Arlind Sadiku


Founder & CEO 

As an Veteran Entrepreneur and Business Broker he is helping our clients with full Commercial Real Estate needs. 

Arlind is also fluent in Albanian, German, Macedonian and Spanish.

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Joan Wu


Commercial Real Estate 

Joan can help our Chinese Clients & Investors in Investing in Commercial Real Estate.

She is also fluent in Mandarin & Cantonese.

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Dana Chun


Commercial Real Estate

Dana is also Owner of DC Properties and can help clients in Land Development & Acquisition of Commercial Properties. 

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Business Acquisitions Associates

Ender "Endo" Osmani


Business Associate

Dallas, TX



 Ender obtained a degrees in management in Europe and University of North Texas, Department of Business Administrations. Previously Ender was  employed as a Translator, Strategic Planner, General Manager and Advertising Consultant. He also established Consult Genius as a freshman in college. Ender is fluently in four languages, he also enjoys Soccer and Skydiving.

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Bujar Ahmeti


Business Associate 

Pano, TX


With a double degree from European colleges, Bujar brings knowledge, experience and value to Commercial Real Estate market in the US. He has entrepreneurial spirit, driven, ambitious and innovative ideas in the professional field. He is fluent Albanian, English, Spanish and German.

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Business Associate 

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Commercial Real Estate Associates

Ardita Shahini


Commercial & Business Associate 

Houston, TX


Ardita moved to Houston, TX from Germany eight years ago. Ardita holds a degree in international business. She worked in Europe for many years and has been exposed to different cultures and nationalities from all around the world. 

Ardita is fluent in three languages

and handles the Houston commercial real estate market in providing our clients with complete commercial real estate needs.

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Maggie Roman


Commercial & Business Associate 

Plano, TX


Maggie had moved to Dallas, Tx from Poland almost 25 years ago. She had studied Interdisciplinary Art & Design Studies and Advertising at the University of North Texas and shortly after graduating she got into real estate. Prior to that, Maggie has also worked in the restaurant industry and has developed great communication, leadership and relationships that help her excel in Commercial and Business acquisitions. She loves to travel, meet new people, and is passionate about learning. Fluent in Polish & English.

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Commercial Associate - Vacant


Other common responsibilities include researching and discussing property and possible renovations, networking with local businesses, negotiating between buyers and sellers, overseeing property inspections, arranging for financing and facilitating final transactions.Generally skills include selling or leasing commercial properties and Commercial Associate must provide substantial analytical data and financial information. Multilingual is a plus but not required. Location is in Huston & Plano TX

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