Investing in International Commercial Real Estate

Based out of Plano Texas, Impact Commercial Realty Group will assist you from search to purchase. We have many dedicated local, national and international exclusive team of business & commercial brokers, developers, attorneys and lenders in commercial real estate industry. Whether you looking for a boutique hotel in Spain, a luxury commercial property in Beverly Hills or a shopping center in Dubai we can get it for you at the right price that fits you budget.

Commercial Realty Group & Business Brokrage Firm

Commercial Real Estate Brokrage

Impact Commercial Realty Group is a complete commercial real estate brokrage firm that offers prime services that encompasses development, appraisal, financing, sales, leasing and management. Land development and acquisition of international commercial facilities which also include apartment complexes, industrial production buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, restaurants, medical centers, spas, among different other facilities. 

Business Brokrage Services:

Sadiku & Associates are the most dynamic business brokerage in the USA. Our team specializes in connecting entrepreneurs seeking to purchase businesses with motivated owners who are planning to sell. Whether buyers are interested in purchasing a restaurant, resort, tech company, or any other type of business, we will find you a potential seller.  As the fastest growing boutique business broker in the area, our team has the experience and determination to provide our Investors with a high level of personal service when making a purchasing or selling decision. We provide our clients with free business valuations and buyer consultations. Our company represent a portfolio that includes millions of dollars in active listings that are constantly changing. Our extensive experience in the business brokerage industry has given us the ability to create strong international partnerships with many skilled industry professionals. We work with the top lenders, accounting firms, escrow, attorneys and government officials in the area to guarantee a great buying and selling experience for you.


To create wealth for Investors in International Commercial Real Estate


About Arlind Sadiku

Arlind moved to the US when he was 13 from Austria. He worked his way up doing many different jobs in different fields while he attended college at night. Arlind’s passion for success came from his entrepreneur drive handling challenging projects while enjoying financial freedom and rewards. His first start-up was Prestige Productions an Event Marketing Agency, which later became on of the largest event promoter in the area. Before his graduation he sold his company for profit to pursue other ventures. In 2003, he obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from APU. Arlind is also a multicultural and multilingual and speaks fluent several languages which includes: German, Albanian & Macedonian and Yugoslavian. Arlind did not have a mentor to help him along the way but he did have a long-time friend, who later became his mentor and believed in his ideas. Arlind’s business interests around the world and his “citizen diplomacy” helped him cultivate a wide network of friends and business partners. As a Pioneer Entrepreneur, he worked in the hospitality, marketing, cryptocurrency  and IT industry and Co-Founded several start-ups which Included: Prestige Productions, International Events LLC, Impact LLC,  Impact Marketing, Lunar Solutions and Arlind’s Consulting Group. Arlind is a Co-Founder of Texas Restaurant Investment Group and opened many restaurants and concepts in Chicago, Scottsdale & Dallas. 

As a Founder of Impact Commercial Realty Group, Arlind and his team builds wealth for many of his prestige clients in International Commercial Real Estate throughout the globe and consults in Wealth Strategy, Marketing, Hospitality and Business Development for many well known successful national and international Clients.

Call our team today and start building your dream in Commercial Real Estate around the Globe.


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